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The nutrition we wish we learned in medical school with Dr. Klaper

July 22, 2020 Muzammil Ahmad, MSc & Cass Warbeck, BSc Season 1 Episode 12
Plant Prescription Podcast
The nutrition we wish we learned in medical school with Dr. Klaper
Show Notes

Today we are honoured to bring you Dr. Michael Klaper. Dr. Klaper is a strong proponent of utilizing a whole food, plant-based diet and balanced lifestyle to help patients achieve optimal health and truly heal disease instead of just treating the symptoms. He is passionate about educating health care professionals, physicians, and especially medical students. Dr. Klaper helped form the Moving Medicine Forward initiative and in what he considers the most important work of his career, he now lectures at medical schools teaching students how to use plant-predominant nutrition and lifestyle to heal their patients. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • His experience in medical school that inspired him to adopt a plant-based diet 
  • Becoming plant-based and removing all violence from his life 
  • Telling a patient for the first time to stop their medication 
  • What runs through your bloodstream following a meat-based meal 
  • His Moving Medicine Forward initiative to educate future physicians 
  • How most diseases can be healed instead of simply treated 
  • His thoughts on consuming fish 
  • The difference between fats coming from plant vs animal sources 
  • Why there is such a thing as too much protein 
  • If organic produce is necessary for health benefits 
  • The effect soy phytoestrogens have on the body 
  • The effect real estrogens (found in dairy) have on the body 
  • How to start changing your eating habits (and those of your patients) 

If you would like to connect with Dr. Klaper, you can find him on FaceBook: @michaelklapermd and Instagram: @doctorklaper  

His website is here: and YouTube channel is here: 

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