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Seb Alex discusses human rights, animal rights and speciesism in the animal agriculture industry

July 27, 2020 Muzammil Ahmad, MSc & Cass Warbeck, BSc Season 1 Episode 13
Plant Prescription Podcast
Seb Alex discusses human rights, animal rights and speciesism in the animal agriculture industry
Show Notes

Seb Alex, an animal rights activist, joins us today. Seb was born and raised in Lebanon and later moved to Europe to pursue a career in sustainable architecture. However, after a year in the corporate world, he made the bold decision to step away from that life and follow the path of his heart: to spend all his time advocating for the animals. Now he advocates through social media, helps organize grassroots events and gives presentations across the globe on veganism, animal exploitation, speciesism, and sustainability. Seb truly has the most beautiful, kind soul, and we were grateful to share this conversation with him. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • Seb’s childhood and growing up in Lebanon 
  • Why he initially became vegan and eventually a vegan activist 
  • What is veganism? 
  • Common logical fallacies people use to justify eating animals 
  • Why milk is also called “white blood” and how dairy is unethical 
  • What the egg industry does to male chicks 
  • Industry practices that are considered “humane” 
  • The truth behind “grass fed beef” and “free range eggs” 
  • Why it is harmful and unnatural for chickens to produce eggs daily 
  • What is a sentient being and what is speciesism? 
  • Why cultural differences do not justify immoral practices 
  • How supporting the honey industry doesn’t help the environment 
  • How farmers are not the problem, public demand is 
  • The subsidies given to animal agriculture 
  • Human rights violations in slaughterhouses 
  • The impact of slaughterhouses on the surrounding communities 
  • Seb’s love of ice baths 

If you would like to connect with Seb, you can find him on Instagram: @seb.alex and FaceBook: @sebalexactivism 

His website is here: and his YouTube channel is here: 

And be sure to download a copy of Seb’s FREE ebook, When Animals and Logic Meet. It is available here: 

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