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Self-compassion and navigating chronic diseases (like celiac disease) with Dr. Justine Dowd, PhD

September 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 19
Plant Prescription Podcast
Self-compassion and navigating chronic diseases (like celiac disease) with Dr. Justine Dowd, PhD
Show Notes

We are joined by a guest from Calgary, Alberta today: Dr. Justine Dowd, a researcher passionate about empowering others to heal themselves holistically. Justine's fascination with the psychology of behaviour change led her to complete a PhD in Health Psychology. However, she met an unexpected challenge when she discovered she had celiac disease immediately before beginning her doctoral studies. This diagnosis would not only influence Justine’s lifestyle but also shape her future. This experience has fueled her passion for her research on dietary behaviours of people living with celiac disease. In addition, Justine believes strongly in, and has also researched, the power of self compassion to help achieve optimal wellness and manage chronic disease. Combining her personal experiences and scientific knowledge Justine frequently leads holistic health seminars and coaches people one on one to find natural solutions for their health challenges. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • Her own experience being diagnosed with celiac disease 
  • The difficulty in navigating a gluten-free diet and struggling with IBS 
  • Aspects of life that are impacted by a celiac disease diagnosis 
  • How much gluten people with celiac disease can actually tolerate 
  • Why a gluten free diet sometimes isn’t enough to alleviate symptoms 
  • The importance of sleep 
  • Her favourite strategies for stress management 
  • The key components of self compassion 
  • How to incorporate self compassion into your life 
  • How exercise can positively affect the gut microbiota of people with celiac disease 

You can connect with Justine on Instagram: and Facebook: @JustineDowdPhd 

Her website is here: 

If you have celiac disease, consider downloading the MyHealthyGut app that Justine co-created! 

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