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Spice up your life with "Food as Medicine" Practitioner Kanchan Koya, PhD

October 20, 2020 Season 1 Episode 21
Plant Prescription Podcast
Spice up your life with "Food as Medicine" Practitioner Kanchan Koya, PhD
Show Notes

Our guest today is Kanchan Koya and we’re taking a deep dive with her into the power of spices. Kanchan combines her PhD in Molecular Biology from Harvard University and training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to bring the power of spices to kids and families. She is the author of Spice Spice Baby, a cookbook designed to educate families on the science-backed health benefits of spices and show how easily they can be incorporated into nutritious and delicious meals. Kanchan is also a “Food as Medicine” Practitioner and coaches clients to improve their health using food and lifestyle changes. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • How she became passionate so about spices 
  • Why spices are so powerful 
  • The mechanisms behind spices and disease prevention 
  • How turmeric fights inflammation 
  • Why spice blends may be more powerful than single spices 
  • The top spices Kanchan thinks should be in your life 
  • Ways to incorporate spices into meals 
  • Fresh vs dried and cooked vs raw 
  • Which spices should be consumed together 
  • Why she wrote Spice, Spice Baby  

You can connect with Kanchan on Instagram: @chiefspicemama and Twitter: @KKoya  

Her website is here: 

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