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From drug addict to vegan Muay Thai fighter: Tyler Gaudon

November 06, 2020 Season 1 Episode 23
Plant Prescription Podcast
From drug addict to vegan Muay Thai fighter: Tyler Gaudon
Show Notes

Tyler Gaudon is a Canadian Muay Thai fighter who had his own personal challenges to overcome before he ever stepped foot in the fight ring. He has fought with drug addiction his entire life - yet today he is over 2 and a half years clean and he believes finding martial arts saved his life. He sits down with us to share his experiences and offer advice and support for those actively struggling with addiction. On top of all this, Tyler adopted a vegan diet over a year ago now and he shares with us how going plant-based has influenced his recovery and affected his life as an athlete. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • His first experience with drugs. 
  • When he first realized he was an addict. 
  • Why he went to rehab for the first time. 
  • What drug induced psychosis is like. 
  • Why it’s so hard for people to understand why people choose drugs. 
  • His passion for being an athlete and how he found Muay Thai. 
  • Relapsing before his first fight and going through with it. 
  • His thoughts on Alcoholics Anonymous. 
  • How Cass (co-host) and Tyler met. 
  • Why he went vegan and how it has changed his life. 

You can connect with Tyler on Instagram: @tylergaudon 

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